1. How do I become a Hidup2 member?

To become a Hidup2 member, you need to subscribe to HIDUP DOLLAR HD$ TOP UP Service. (See Q2 below)

2. How do I subscribe to HIDUP DOLLAR TOP UP Service?

To subscribe to HIDUP Dollar HD$ Top Up Service, Type ON HD and SMS to 26777. Alternatively click here here to register. RM3/top up=HD$3000, 1 top up per week.

3. What is Hidup2?

Hidup2 is a mobile social networking game in which you create and manage your own Hidup2 character in a virtual world. The goal of Hidup2 is much like the game of life as you work to acquire a house, make friends, and grow your wealth.

4. Why should I use Hidup2?

Why not? For just RM3/Top Up, 1 top up/week, you will get HD$3000 and have unlimited access to our portal including WAP via mobile device and using FREE social networking service chat with your friends in Hidup2! What is more? You may even drive sport car, own big house to experience a much better life in Hidup2.

5. How can I earn the HD$?

You can earn the HD$ from:
- Complete mission provided
- Invite friends join Hidup2, etc

6. How to earn extra HD$ at your fingertips?

Invite friend to earn HD$500 upon each successful registration.

7. How to unsubscribe from HIDUP DOLLAR HD$ TOP UP Service?

To unsubscribe from HIDUP DOLLAR HD$ TOP UP service, type STOP HD and SMS to 26777.